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Version: 3.36, January 2021 [6.207.344 words]

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With this web searcher, poets and rappers of hip hop can find rhyming more easily.

You only need to write the ending word (one or more syllable) and automatically it will find all the words that rhyme with your desired word. This is useful for writing lyrics for rap and hip hop, writing poetry, studying the English language, etc.

Program limitations (or not):

  • No difference between accented and which are not.
  • The "ç" is treated like an "s" (to extend the scope of search).
  • The "v" and the "b" are treated as different (people complained when they differed).
  • You cannot search for words that end with one letter (it would show too many words).
  • Include words that do not exist in the dictionary, such as "graffiti", "rapping" or "graffitejar.".
  • Our separator syllables has been scheduled for an chimpanzee at the zoo and sometimes fails. Specifically, it does not distinguish between words 1 and 2 syllables. When possible, the monkey will fix the error.

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Thanks to Daniel Menezo García and Avm99963, to improve the translation into English.

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